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Our first trade show: Day 2

Today is the big day. Day one of PG Live, the trade show dedicated to the greetings industry. This will be the premiere of Lanther Black. After months of work we will finally discover what people think of our cards. I decide curly hair will help.

This is the moment of truth. It turns out that with a £5 mascara you end up with less eyelashes than you started with, but my eyes are still functioning, and that’s the main thing. 

I am trudging up the hill laden like a donkey. It is too hot for a coat and too windy for curly hair. I have caught up with the lady in front but I cannot generate enough speed to overtake her so now we are continuing our journey, unhappily, side by side. 

My wingman John has arrived, he is looking chipper. I am very glad that John is here, the only problem is that John is very calm. If Berni was here, there would be Rescue Remedy. John does not need Rescue Remedy. I have to settle for a mint. 

The doors are open and people are starting to arrive. I can hear the buzz down below, and soon it starts to make its way up the stairs and it is getting louder, yes, the buzz is approaching and now the buzz is on our stand and it is laughing and asking questions and taking brochures and swapping business cards and then the most remarkable thing happens THE BUZZ PLACES AN ORDER! A real life order, I can hardly believe it. The buzz places this order so casually, there is no fanfare, there are no marching drums (actually, there are marching drums but I think they are unrelated to our order) and I am writing up the order, literally trembling with silent excitement. It is one o’clock and I have just realised that none of my fears have been realised- I did not forget anything, the stand did not collapse, we have taken an order!! But there’s still time for Vin to murder me. Ah, who cares? We took an order!!

It is midnight and I am lay in bed. My head is swimming with all the people I have met, all the orders (plural) we have taken all the nice things that have been said and all the beer that I have drunk. 


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