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Memories of Our First Day

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Today marked the first official working day of Lanther Black. The day began at 1pm and ended at 2am the following morning (how bohemian of us). We started with a meeting to discuss our weekly and monthly objectives. Refreshments, provided by myself, consisted of Nutella on toast and a glass of milk. Soon after the meeting commenced, Office Rule No. 1 came in to play:

  1. Jack is not allowed to make scratchy noises in his throat whilst in the office.

Once this was cleared up, we printed off our objectives. During the printing, Office Rules No. 2 and 3 were invented. The printer created an unfortunate brown line on an otherwise blank sheet of paper. Jack proceeded to crumple up the paper and launch it across the office.

  1. Jack must not throw things whilst in the office.

  2. Jack must not waste paper.

Jack’s task for the day was website research and design whilst I dived (dove?) into my pile of books on Accountancy and Bookkeeping. We had an incredibly productive first day: I have mastered Double-Entry Bookkeeping and Jack has secured all font licenses for our logo, registered our new domain, chosen our new web hosts and come up with some great ideas for our website design (As I write this, I can hear him upstairs making the scratchy noise in his throat, but as he is not in the office, I can take no action against him). 

A few more Office Rules to curb Jack’s irritating office conduct were introduced before he found the need to create one of his own.

  1. Dominique must not ram her knee into the edge of the Mac Pro.

I was pretty sure that more damage was being done to my knee than to the Mac but I graciously conceded. 

Our soundtrack for the day was provided by a Spotify Radio based on Liu Fang. Jack made us a hotdog lunch and later my mother kindly provided curry for myself and a giant pile of chicken wings for Jack. (Perhaps Jack is a zoo animal. That would explain the throwing.) We left the office at 2.01am and arrived home at 2.02am. A great first day.


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